danteSubmit is an R package that disperses HTML templates for DANTE Project datapage and vignettes submissions. This package automates datapage and vignette deployment to the DANTE Project website and provides supplementary technical assistance for generating DANTE Project content. 

The danteSubmit templates provide custom meta-data fields for supplementary materials relevant to the DANTE-Project. Custom fields provide discussion and cross referencing for a variety of DANTE-Project datasets, R packages, and citations. All metadata fields available are listed in the provided templates. If the fields are unknown or otherwise irrelevant they may be ignored or deleted from the template. Deleting superfluous fields will present a more readable document when compiled into HTML. Additional metadata fields include but are not limited to:

  • Author affiliations and contact information.
  • R packages used in the document.
  • Datasets referenced or utilized in the document.
  • Relevant data types used in the document.
  • Related vignettes to the document.
  • Research highlights found in the document.

For more information about danteSubmit please refer to the package website and reference materials. To contribute to danteSubmit please visit our GitLab project and danteSubmit repository