Data ANalytics and Tools for Ecosecurity


Welcome to the DANTE project!

The DANTE project (Data ANalytics and Tools for Ecosecurity) will provide open source software tools that will accelerate interdisciplinary analysis of environmental stresses, demographics, economics, health, conflict areas, disaster response, and national boundaries enabling analysts to better understand and anticipate conditions that may require humanitarian relief, disaster recovery investments, and conflict management responses.

DANTE: Visualizing linkages between refugee outflows, climatic stress, and conflict in Northern Africa and Western Asia between 2013-2017.


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The DANTE software toolkit

The DANTE software toolkit will address a range of technical issues that pose common barriers to data analysts addressing environment-security issues. The DANTE toolkit will provide a suite of tools that integrate with the R statistical computing environment, designed to:

  • Provide ready access to relevant literature documenting analytic methods, datasets, and toolkits.

  • Acquire and maintain regularly updated datasets.

  • Harmonize datasets by performing country/administrative code matching, translation between incompatible units of analysis, and resolving differences in temporal and spatial resolution.

  • Perform integrated analysis of tabular, geospatial feature, and geospatial raster data.

  • Provide well documented vignettes and end-to-end analytic use cases.

  • Distribute a pre-configured and extensible virtual machine image to simplify installation and use of a complete software stack.

DANTE development

DANTE will be developed in three major phases:

  • Phase I will address tools and datasets for analysis of international migration and refugee/asylum flows.

  • Phase II will address tools and datasets for analysis of internal migration/displacement and of populations that become isolated as the result of hazards or conflict.

  • Phase III will address tools and datasets for analysis of conflict and political instability.



Stay tuned. This page will be updated as DANTE emerges from development and is ready for broader use. We encourage participation by early adopters and contributors. To stay informed about DANTE, consider subscribing to our announcements list.


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For additional information about DANTE, please contact info@dante-project.org.